Wisconsin Distance Race Course Ratings

This part of the site is where Wisconsin's middle and long distance
races are rated for time. The lower the rating, the faster the race.
This is a work in progress. I'll be adding more ratings over time.

The ratings can be used to predict the time of a future race, and to compare
efforts of multiple races.

For example, to predict a finish time for the Lakefront Marathon after having run
the 2009 Strider 21K, take the ratio of the Lakefront's average rate(28.6401) to the rate
of the 2009 Strider race(13.5564). Multiply the time for the Strider 21K by 2.1126 to get
a good approxiamtion for a marathon time. Add or subtract time depending on weather on
race day. For predicting marathon times, assume proper conditioning and intelligent pacing.
Runners with moderate conditioning may have to add up to 4% to their predicted marathon time.
This isn't as much of a concern for the middle distances.

To compare races, divide the finish time by the rate. The lower number is the better effort.

Individual races should be accurate to within four seconds per mile. Course averages two seconds per mile.

Any questions? Feel free to e-mail me.

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20 km
10 mi.
15 km

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